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On 03 March 2015, the Minorities Welfare Department, Telangana Government established the Commission of Inquiry to study the Socio Economic and Educational Status of Muslims in the State of Telangana under Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952. The Commission’s study and final report will help the Government to plan for holistic growth of Muslims in the State of Telangana.

The Commission is requested to carry out its study and submit the Report and its recommendations to the Government within six months from the date on which it commences its inquiry. Accordingly, the Telangana Government Published the notification in the Extraordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette on 04 March 2015. The committee members would like to study the Social, Educational and Economic status of Muslims of the State. Citizens of Telangana, Government Departments, Employers (Private and Public Sector) can share the relevant information with the commission through this website.

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Commission of Inquiry Roles & Responsibilities

  1. To prepare a comprehensive report on the Social, Educational and Economic status of Muslims in the Telangana State.
  2. Obtain information from State and Central Government Departments, agencies/institutions.
  3. Collate data, conduct intensive study/survey on the social,educational, economic conditions of the Muslims in Telangana State.
  4. Report on the income levels and educational levels across the state.
  5. Report on the educational indicators like literacy rate and health indicators MMR and IMR compared with other sections of the
  6. Percentage of Muslims in employment in the Government/Quasi Government/Private Sector employment.
  7. Report on the access of Muslims to banking credit and allied services provided by the Government compared with other communities.
  8. Report on the availability of Government Welfare Infrastructure and Institutional Mechanism for implementation of Government
    Welfare Schemes in Muslim dominated areas.
  9. Consolidate the information through its study and survey and analyze the data gathered and submit a Report to the Government within six months, recommending the steps to be taken to remove the impediments in the improvement of the overall social,educational, economic conditions of the Muslim Community and to provide for reservation in Education and Employment to poor deserving Muslims of Telangana State, wherever necessary.

To contribute/share the data with the Commission? Email to the Commission coi4mus@telangana.gov.in

Who can contribute the data?

  • State and Central Government Departments
    • Commissionerate / Directorate, Minorities Welfare.
    • Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation, Ltd., Hyderabad.
    • Telangana State Urdu Academy, Hyderabad.
    • Dairatul-Maarif-il-Osmania.
    • Telangana State Minorities Commission, Hyderabad.
  • State and Central Government agencies/institutions.
  • Center for Educational Development of Minorities, Hyderabad.
  • Private Sector Employers.
  • Universities / other private Education institutions.
  • Citizens of Telangana.