Meena Hariharan

Prof. Meena Hariharan works as Professor and Head in the Centre for Health Psychology, University of Hyderabad. She has been in the field of teaching and research for the past three decades. She is the Founder Head of the Centre for Health Psychology which is the pioneer Centre in the Country offering Post Graduate Degree in the specialized field of Health Psychology. She has published about 100 empirical research papers in national and international journals. She has authored three books published by Allied Publishers (2006), Sage Publications India Pvt. Limited (2008), and Global Vision Publishers (2010) of this the book on ‘Coping with Life Stress: The Indian Experience’ published by Sage has received international acclaim. Besides this, Prof. Hariharan has completed about 30 research projects funded by national and international agencies. She has produced 18 audio visual programmes on topics related to Psychology. She is a Visiting Faculty in many educational and research organizations in India. She is also a Member of Board of Studies in different Indian Universities and Member of Ethics Committee of Corporate Hospitals in Hyderabad. Her focus area of research is Behavioral Cardiology, ICU Trauma and Resilience Studies. She is Founder President of Association of Health Psychologists (AHP) and Executive Member of National Academy of Psychology (NAOP).