Background papers

S.No List of Study Papers / Background papers Name of person writing it
1 Data Definition and Analytical Methodology for Indexing Backwardness according to Socio-Religious communities in Telangana Data Definition and Analysis Group (DDAG)
2 Evidence Based Justification of Reservations for Muslims in Telangana: Data and Tables
3 General Recommendation (International Institute for Population Sciences) Prof. Sayeed Unisa
4 Casting Out and Carving In(How Andhra Pradesh Addressed Exclusion of Muslims and Christians from Quota Regime) Muslims and Christians from Quota Regime) Mohammed Ayub Khan
5 Education Status among Muslims C. Ravi and P. Aparna
6 Demographic Profile of Muslim Community Dr. K. Balasubramanian
7 District Development Diversity Index for Telangana Amit Sharma
8 Emigration and Health Status Dr. R.B. Bhagat, Imtiyaz Ali
9 Communal Riots in Hyderabad Dr. Mohammed Abdul Moid
10 Occupational Status of Muslims in Telangana P. Aparna
11 Economic Status of Muslims in Telangana C. Ravi and P. Aparna
12 Contributions of Muslims and Muslim Rulers Sridhar Modugu
13 Minority Neighbourhoods or Spaces of Micro-entrepreneurship Exe. Director Anant Maringanti
14 Financial Inclusion and Muslims in Telangana Dr. P. Gopinath
15 Equal Opportunity Commission Prof. N. R. Madhava Menon
16 Structure of Employment among Muslims in Telangana CESS-Aparna
17 Demographic Profile of Muslim Population Dr. K. Balasubramanian
18 Access to Banking Facilities and Credit Dr. Ch. Shankar Rao
19 Financial Inclusion in Telangana Farida Siddiqui Razi Anwar
20 Health and Nutritional Status Dr Sayeed Unisa Mohd. Usman
21 Status of Muslim women in Telangana Dr. Mohammed Irfan
22 Health and Nutritional Status
23 Government Initiatives for the Development Dr. Syed Najiullah Abdul Raheem
24 Urbanization of Health Service Utilization
25 Background paper on History of Muslims Dr. Sridhar Modugu
26 Demographic Portrait of Muslim Population Prof. K. Balasubrahmaniam
27 Economic and social issues – Education – income levels – Health & Nutrition – Malnutrition, anaemia –occupational status – work participation rates Prof. Aparna Prof. C. Ravi Prof. Satyasekhar
28 Banking and Credit – NSS Data & SBH (Lead Bank) Prof. Shankar Rao
29 Living Environment & Infrastructure of Muslims in Telangana K. M. Ziyauddin S. Abdul Thaha
30 Status of women in Telangana – socio economic situation Prof. Mohammed Irfan
31 Specialities of Muslim Socio Economic Conditions Dr. Anant Maringanti
32 Minority Report – Entrepreneurship Prof. P. Janaki Ram
33 Health & Nutrition Prof. Sayeed Unisa
34 Telangana Govt. policies for Muslims Dr. Syed Najiullah
35 Money Lending in Hyderabad: Understanding Muslim experiences in three sectors of local economy M. A. Moid
36 Note on Sample Survey, village questionnaire and house-hold questionnaire CGG