The Government of Telangana (GoTS) has been committed to formulate evidence-based policies and programmes for improving the socioeconomic conditions of Muslims in the State. In pursuance of this, a Commission of Inquiry has been set up by the Government to examine in detail the socioeconomic and health status of Muslim population and come out with recommendations to assist the Government of Telangana to formulate suitable policies and interventions to improve the overall living conditions of Muslims in the State. The Commission has started  working to generate empirical evidence on social, educational and economic status of Muslims in the State based on analysis of information from State and Central government departments, agencies/institutions, and also collecting primary data on the social, educational, economic conditions of the Muslims in Telangana. The Commission is also mandated to report on income and educational levels – literacy rate, enrolment rate, retention rate, etc, and health indicators, such as infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal mortality ratio (MMR), for Muslims; percentage of Muslims in employment in the government/quasi government/private sector employment, extent of access of Muslims to banking credit and allied services provided by the government compared with other sections of the society.  The Inquiry Commission has been entrusted with the task of analysis and consolidation of information and submission of report with recommendations and steps to be taken to remove the impediments in the improvement of the overall social, educational, economic conditions of the Muslim community and to provide for reservation in education and employment to poor deserving Muslims of Telangana.