Quality assurance

Planning for data collection and quality assurance


1 Preparation of field manuals

Concise field operation manual will be prepared to maintain standardized survey procedures and to minimize non-sampling errors. The manual describes about the survey, its objectives, instructions for house-listing, techniques to be followed while collecting data from households, roles and responsibilities of field investigators, supervisors and coordinators involved in data collection. The manual also explains standard interview techniques and procedures for completing study instruments and explains individual questions in the study instruments.


2 Recruitment and training of field staff

Fieldwork will be carried out by 10 research teams, each consisting of six interviewers and one supervisor. Three research coordinators will be recruited to monitor quality and progress of field data collection and coordinate with field teams. Field staff will be recruited by giving due weightage to their educational qualifications, urdu and telugu language proficiency, and prior experience in conducting community based studies/surveys. While recruiting field staff, necessary care will be taken to have adequate representation of Muslim and non-Muslim research staff/interviewers and male and female candidates. CGG is exploring options to collaborate with Moulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad to avail professional services of senior researchers working on development issues of Muslim community and to hire Muslim investigators for data collection.

CGG researchers/field coordinators will conduct 2-3 days trainings to field staff in the districts. The state level trainings will be focusing on field procedures, administration of study instruments, classroom practice using mock interviews and field practice. After completion of state level training, field supervisors were identified from the trained field staff based on their experience and ability to lead teams. The field supervisor will be responsible for: (i) overall management of the field team, (ii) conducting spot-checks to verify the accuracy of key information, and (iii) reviewing and editing questionnaires.


3 Pre-testing of study instruments

Pretesting of study instruments (structured questionnaire and in-depth interview schedules) will be conducted in a nearby district. While administering the questionnaires and conducting interviews with stakeholders, field observations will be recorded and necessary changes will be made to finalize the study instruments.


4 Quality assurance

In order to review and finalize the study methodology and  study instruments, a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) will be constituted with members of the Inquiry Commission, Minority Welfare Department, eminent researchers and experts from Institutions like Moulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) and project leader from CGG. The TAG will meet at periodic intervals to review the progress and provide technical inputs at different stages of the survey.